We are proud to work in partnership with other companys in this industry - please find some examples of our partnerships below.

Synthotech are delighted to be working together with One Total Equipment Solution to support the SynthoCAM 3 range of camera equipment across the Country and particularly in the East and South East of England.

One Total Equipment Solution can offer purchase, hire, and lease options for any of our Location, Detection, Survey, Construction & Maintenance products such as SynthoCam 3, ServiceCam, Serviflex kit options, and M-Cex.

One Total Equipment Solution share in Synthotech’s vision of ”keeping our customers working”:

  • Having the ability to service and repair our products.
  • Providing loan equipment whilst a service or repair is undertaken.
  • Holding adequate levels of stock for repairs and consumables.

Engineering Plastic Supplies Ltd (EPS) are proud to manufacture and supply our products into One-TES.

EPS have been manufacturing Utility and Construction products to these industries for over 15 years and in this time we have designed and developed products that make a real impact with site Safety, Streetworks compliance and customer satisfaction.

All the products we produce are directly from conversations with our clients and a need from operations to make their sites better.

Working together with One-TES we have a great opportunity to provide new products and innovation to all companies involved in Utility and essential workings